The Lachy Lace Up
The Lachy Lace Up
The Lachy Lace Up
The Lachy Lace Up
The Lachy Lace Up

The Lachy Lace Up

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Our Lachie Laceup are a vintage desert boot, they're designed with a shoelace that secures the ankle, which allows them to stay on your little babe's foot and makes them easy to get on and off.

Add-on light rubber soles are a perfect addition to any pair of Loafers, Ballet, T-Bars, and our boots starting from size 2 (6 months, and up, ensuring a thicker and longer-lasting sole.

"Lightweight Rubber Sole"  we recommended for pre-walkers and crawlers

 Rubber Soles: For Active Explores The thin and flexible rubber outer sole is tailored specifically for toddlers and kids, providing the ideal combination of comfort and resilience.

Available Colours: Coffee, Tan, Black, Brown & Grey 

For correct sizing, please measure the length of your child's foot, heel to tip of big toe with a soft measuring tape on the bottom of their foot or follow the following steps below.

We recommend ordering a size bigger than your child's foot for growth. 'Example: Baby’s foot measures 11 cm order a size 3'.  

If it appears that your lil babe has a wider foot we suggest the next size up. If you are unsure contact us via instagram, Facebook or email at  

Our shoes are soft so they will stretch and mould to your child's feet with wear. 

Our Size Age Foot size Shoe Size EU Size
0 0-1 month 8 cm 9 cm 15
1 1-3 months 9 cm 10 cm 16
2 3-6 months 10 cm 11 cm 17
3 6-9 months 11 cm 12 cm 18
4 9-12 months 12 cm 13 cm 19
5 12-18 months 13 cm 14 cm 20

1.5- 2 years 

14 cm 15cm 22










2-2.5 years

2-2.5 years 

3-4 years 

4.5-5 years 

5 years

5.5- 6 years





16 cm








16 cm