Plant Based Lil Soles

      Vegan Baby Shoes

We have some exciting news! We’re about to release our FIRST EVER 100% Plant-based Lil Soles Shoes just for your little babes.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to create these beautiful shoes for your special little one.

These shoes not only provide all of comfort, quality, style and LOVE our other Lil Soles shoes have but are made from a plant-based alternative to leather… CORK!

Yes, Cork! Shoes that literally grow on trees. It’s natures leather and without harming any animals or plant in the making. Pretty cool, huh?

Cork is a material for the future. It’s JUST as durable as leather with the same lifespan it also has a very similar aesthetic qualities!

Using Cork Fabric leaves the tree unharmed and removing the bark is actually beneficial to its growth! It’s bio-degradable, 100% natural and actually helps our forests thrive by promoting the growth of the cork oat to enrich diversity and population.

Each time Cork is harvested, co2 is absorbed into the tree’s bark to aid the regeneration process. Which means them more the cork bark is harvested the better for the trees! Cork tree’s that are harvest known to have three to five times more co2 than those that are not. Pretty cool, right?!

As much as we LOVE our Lil Soles Shoes made from our incredible leather material, when we discovered could use Cork as material, we just had to give it a go.

At Lil Soles we love our Lil babes and we love our planet.

Our planet gives so much to us and it’s our job to do what we can to protect it.

Now more than ever we need to do what we can to help Mother Earth rejuvenate and thrive once again.

We absolutely love our original leather material but exploring with new materials is super exciting. We want to continue to expand, grow and serve our customers the best we can.

Cork Leather is super soft. Your Lil babe will be walking on clouds with all of the comfort and support as regular leather shoes! No two pieces of cork are the same – they’re as unique as a fingerprint! Your own personal earth loving

Thanks to Corks honeycomb structure it’s highly resistant, just as durable, flexible, water resistant and has just as long of a lifespan as leather.

That’s why even NASA has turned to it as a sustainable go to material.

As Cork is an 100% natural material this means no nasties will be exposed to your little one as well.

t’s a win, win. For the environment, the trees and your babe.

What’s not to love? A beautifully handmade shoe for your babe that’s 100% Natural, waterproof, washable, breathable, sustainable, extremely comfortable and flexible!

Don’t just take our word for it – it’s time to “walk in cork”!

Our first release of our Lil Soles Vegan Cork Shoe Range is looking to be released VERY soon – so stay tuned.

We’re SO excited for you to get to experience and rock this incredible new product.